Our Careteam

Cassie Holden
Veterinary Assistant
As far back as she can remember, Cassie’s family had always done everything in their power to care for animals in need. Cassie became a Veterinary Assistant to act as a voice for pets who can’t speak for themselves!

Cassie hails from Pineville, Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe. When she started searching for opportunities in the animal care world, she was fortunate enough to come across an opening here at Village Veterinary Center. Her favorite part of each day is seeing a client leave with a big smile on their face next to their happy, healthy animal companion.

Outside of work, Cassie is a skilled flute player and has won many awards for her playing. She continually strives to advance her musical growth through her flute, voice, and whatever other instrument she may find! Cassie also enjoys spending time with her own pets at home. She has a cat named Sophie, nicknamed “The Kneader” because of her passion for kneading Cassie’s belly, as well as a brown and tan Dachshund named Sheldon whose obsessive-compulsive tendencies allow him to lay on only one specific section of the couch.
Heather Blackburn
Veterinary Assistant
While attending Texas A&M University to study marine biology, Heather began working at a cat clinic in Houston. This sparked a veterinary career that has lasted more than 12 years! Now she’s able to care for pets every day as a Veterinary Assistant here at Village Veterinary Center.

A Texas native, Heather secured a job offshore for National Marine Fisheries after working in Houston. She moved from Texas to Louisiana in 2009, and started here at Village Veterinary Center as a Veterinary Assistant in April of that year.

Heather lives with her husband, Randy, who works in the oil business. They have five pets at home: a dog named Bella, a Siamese cat named Yin, Fitzcatrick the ragdoll, and two tuxedo cats who go by Joshua Aidan and Liam. When she isn’t spending time with her own furry family or caring for pets here at the clinic, Heather is a huge football fan and loves watching both NFL and college games.
Tyler Andrews
Veterinary Technician
Tyler says that she’s known she wanted to work with animals since she was in diapers. Her passion for the earth’s creatures knows no limits! She gets to care for pets and their owners every day as a Veterinary Technician here at Village Veterinary Center.

Tyler grew up in Dallas, Texas with her parents, older sister, and plenty of family pets. She joined the Village Veterinary Center team in August of 2015, and particularly enjoys interacting with the dogs and cats who visit the clinic. For her, the best part is when a pet stays at the hospital for a few days and she’s able to get to really know their personality!

At home, Tyler lives with two inseparable dachshunds: Bentley, adopted when Tyler found him on the side of the road as a puppy, and Prince, who is more laid-back than Bentley but still loves chasing squirrels when he gets the chance. When she isn’t taking her dogs to the dog park or caring for pets here at the hospital, Tyler enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time with her family in the great outdoors.